Welcome to Graceland! Please note that there are no guns allowed on the main level and no civvies allowed upstairs! Also, mind the chore wheel!

Airing Wednesday nights at 10pm EDT

Season 1 Thread.

Season 2 air dates
2x01: The Line - 11/Jun/14
2x02: Connects - 18/Jun/14
2x03: Tinker Bell - 25/Jun/14
2x04: Magic Number - 09/Jul/14
2x05: H-a-Double-P-Y - 16/Jul/14
2x06: The Unlucky One - 23/Jul/14
2x07: Los Malos - 30/Jul/14
2x08: The Ends - 06/Aug/14
2x09: Gratis - 13/Aug/14
2x10: The Head of the Pig - 20/Aug/14
2x11: - 27/Aug/14
2x12: TBA
2x13: Echoes - TBA

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GRACELAND Returns with Season 2 on Wednesday 11th JUNE, 2014

GRACELAND is a place where nothing is what it seems and everyone has a secret. From the outside, this idyllic beachfront property is inhabited by a group of young, diverse roommates. Inside, a vastly different world is exposed: one that sustains itself through a complex web of lies. USA's new original series Graceland delves into the lives of an elusive group of undercover agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and US Customs, who live and operate under one roof (the house got its name because the drug lord from whom the authorities seized the property was known to be an obsessed Elvis Presley fan). When forced to give up any shred of normalcy and the question of trust is a matter of life or death, the house becomes their sanctuary, their "Graceland."

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Forbes Review: 'Graceland' Evolves to 'White Collar' Entertainment Levels in Season Two (SPOILERS)

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