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Active DW communities:
[community profile] theamericans (The Americans)
- Promo discussion: Episode 5x09
[community profile] tori_reviews (DC CW Shows)
[community profile] rocinante (The Expanse)
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[community profile] xfilesficrecs (X-Files fic/fic recs)
- Fic Recs: 1x15 Young at Heart
Any other TV comms around DW? Please let me know.

Keeping Track:
sidereel | tv guide | tv calendar (pogdesign) | episode calendar | my episodes

Random TV things:
- Television is Training Me to Not Watch Television
- 9 Upcoming Summer TV Shows That Actually Look Great

Member's Corner:
(Please comment with any posts I may have missed and I'll add them in the list. I scan the post contents, title and tags - I don't necessarily click into anything posted under cuts or know all TV shows, so if I missed anything it was unintentional.
Also, FYI - This may become a "here's 3-4 random links from members" sort of thing if we grow, I'll see how next week goes. Anyone can scan the community members public posts HERE
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In our own house:
[personal profile] yourlibrarian posted some thoughts about Agents of SHIELD (spoilers to current episode) and Powerless (not spoilery) here:
[personal profile] delacourtings posted a wonderful TV Primer here SUPERSTORE PRIMER If you're interested in posting a primer, please do so! Here's a post where I talk All About TV Primers :)

Suggestions and feedback welcome.
Do you know of an active DW television-related comm or have something else for the next bulletin?

ETA: I meant to do this weekly and it's Tuesday and not Wednesday..... whoops. *facepalm
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[personal profile] yourlibrarian 2017-05-02 03:58 pm (UTC)(link)
That post from Scott Adams has a point, though I agree with it more for how complex it can be to access TV shows rather than an abundance of content -- at least compared to the days of a remote that just goes up and down the channel list. (Even remotes in hotels are more complicated now!)

But I think one side effect of having so many choices is that it makes clear to you what you really like. Despite having more shows than ever, I find myself less enthusiastic about much of what I'm watching. In part I think this is because I expect much more from TV, but also because a lot of shows are much shorter than they used to be (look at how this figures into the WGA complaints) and we can binge watch, which makes the whole process of experiencing the story different.

I actually prefer having a shorter show if it means the quality is higher (though a number of shows have proved that even a 13 or 6 episode series does not always produce that result). But it does reduce the amount of time in which I get excited about it, and because there is such a lot of TV to "move on" to as I wait for the next season (or perhaps none, since some are just mini-series). It makes it less likely that I will join a fandom community or spend a lot of time in discussion if I don't immediately run across someone else who is also really excited about that show.

Right now I am very excited about Black Sails but I only just finished S3 and am awaiting getting S4 through Netflix. I am a season behind, so I'm not going to discuss it with anyone unless they happen to be as behind as I am. I had the same issue with Battlestar Galactica which I watched a season behind until the final season (by which time I was glad to skip all the complaints I was getting wind of). So there are a lot of things that affect my viewing and engagement these days besides just having a big pipeline of content.
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[personal profile] yourlibrarian 2017-05-02 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I know what you mean about Tumblr. I saw what happened with the latest Sherlock even though it was debuting on the same day in the UK and US. I definitely wish there were lj/spoiler cuts there. But I especially hate the format for discussions. If someone is taking part in one and you weren't interested the first time, you get to have to scroll past the ENTIRE THING repeatedly as it pops up on your dash over and over with each response.

It might make for an interesting future discussion here about how people manage their viewing when content is spread out over so many distribution networks that one may or may not have access to (premium channels, cable bundles, streaming services, web only, etc.)