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TV Bulletin Board

Active DW communities:
[community profile] theamericans (The Americans)
- Promo discussion: Episode 5x09
[community profile] tori_reviews (DC CW Shows)
[community profile] rocinante (The Expanse)
- Re-Watch Watch-Along 1x02
- 1x1. Dulcinea
- More icons
[community profile] su_herald (Buffy/Angel - newsletter format)
- daily posts Here's the latest
[community profile] thelibrarians_tv (The Librarians)
[community profile] xfilesficrecs (X-Files fic/fic recs)
- Fic Recs: 1x15 Young at Heart
Any other TV comms around DW? Please let me know.

Keeping Track:
sidereel | tv guide | tv calendar (pogdesign) | episode calendar | my episodes

Random TV things:
- Television is Training Me to Not Watch Television
- 9 Upcoming Summer TV Shows That Actually Look Great

Member's Corner:
(Please comment with any posts I may have missed and I'll add them in the list. I scan the post contents, title and tags - I don't necessarily click into anything posted under cuts or know all TV shows, so if I missed anything it was unintentional.
Also, FYI - This may become a "here's 3-4 random links from members" sort of thing if we grow, I'll see how next week goes. Anyone can scan the community members public posts HERE
[personal profile] jekesta A POST THAT ISN'T ABOUT SNOOKER.
[personal profile] veritas_poet ALSO? I NEED TO REWATCH LOST
[personal profile] sholio CATCHING UP ON TV FEELS
[personal profile] shapinglight THE LAST KINGDOM and LUCIFER STUFF
[personal profile] shadowcat (NO SUBJECT) and WHEN WE RISE and (NO SUBJECT)
[personal profile] veritas_poet I SAT DOWN TO WATCH "DOCTOR WHO." THINGS WERE GOING FINE...
[personal profile] jb_slasher WATCHING STUFF, THINKING THINGS.

In our own house:
[personal profile] yourlibrarian posted some thoughts about Agents of SHIELD (spoilers to current episode) and Powerless (not spoilery) here:
[personal profile] delacourtings posted a wonderful TV Primer here SUPERSTORE PRIMER If you're interested in posting a primer, please do so! Here's a post where I talk All About TV Primers :)

Suggestions and feedback welcome.
Do you know of an active DW television-related comm or have something else for the next bulletin?

ETA: I meant to do this weekly and it's Tuesday and not Wednesday..... whoops. *facepalm

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