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Now that I've had a bit of time to digest the impact of season 2, I wanted to know what other viewers thought.

I was gleeful of the return and really loved so much about season 2, but there was something unsatisfying about the ending. At first I thought it was because of the cliffhanger, but I'm not sure that's all. In reading some recaps/reviews, I think this article in particular touched on something that was bothering me. So much I wanted as a viewer happened off screen and that final episode was so rushed that it left a hollow place where things should've happened.

The cluster meets face to face for the first time and we see none of that. The article lists several other plot threads that the reviewer felt was rushed, but this one feels the most important to me as this was something I really wanted to see.

Anyway, I still absolutely ADORE this show and can't believe we'll have to wait eons for a season 3 (at least that's the rumor?). I'm so glad Sun is out of prison, that Kala and Wolfgang are circling closer together, that Lito has a gig in L.A., that Nomi is getting engaged, etc. So much positivity has happened to them in the midst of all the crazy chaos of being hunted by Whispers and BPO.

What are your thoughts on season 2?
What did you particularly enjoy?
Who was your favorite character in season 1 and did that change for season 2?
How do you feel about how many other sensates are cropping up?

P.S. all members are welcome to make show-specific posts (like this one)
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Damn. Still no Sense8 icons.

My favourite thing is discovering the other clusters. It fills out so much more of the universe for me, which is what I love most about it.

I agree though, that the last episode(s) felt rushed. I would have given anything to watch a huge season ending like we had with season one.

Still love the show though.
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Ooh, I have so been wanting to talk to someone about S2! \o/

That's really interesting to me because while it was a little rushed to me as well, it didn't really spoil anything. I binge watched it though and I think I was pretty stuffed full of squee at that point so maybe that tided me over, plus I really looooved the juxtaposition with the end of S1. All of them together in a vehicle, all travelling away from danger, but instead of running scared and vulnerable they're actually in charge now AND they're physically altogether too hee. I was really super duper pleased with all of that. But yes, definitely rushed. I think they were maybe aiming for something of a mystery and surprise angle, and didn't total pull the twist off as a successful twist so it felt rushed instead of deliberate.

I also loved all the positivity and the way they're pulling tightly together. I'm not sure if it was just that they were established characters already, or what, but I liked all the characters this time around. I was rather meh on Riley and Will initially, and while I overall really like Wolfgang a lot of the violent gang side of his S1 story bores me. I was always a huge Kala fan as well but now her story is not hugely focused on a wedding (though there's plenty of non-cluster relationship stuff for her still? So tbh I'm not sure why it grated less? Makes me think there's some subtle pacing shift as they settled into the show more maybe) it's also engaging me more. I also liked the supporting characters more. For instance Dani I liked but grudgingly and she's grown on me loads this season, and I adore Capheus' new girlfriend

Hmm, end of S1 I don't think I had a stand-out favourite. Maybe Sun or Lito? End of S2 it's a very close tie between Capheus and Sun and Kala. I also liked Capheus before but I am really loving Toby Onwumere in the role.

There are a lot of new sensates but it also makes it feel more real to me, not overwhelming in a bad way. Of course if they're a small but not crazy rare proportion of the population then keeping track of them all is going to be like keeping track of all humans - overwhelming and impossible. Plus there's the whole you can't cut it down to a smaller group based on proximity for story reasons so there's always going to be a lot more popping in and out and that feels realistic. I think there's a balance there they definitely need to strike long term to keep the plot lines straight in viewers heads, but then I think S1 suffered more from being too slow than too fast so I'm not too concerned. For now it's been very effective for me as a world building thing.
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It's not getting renewed :( :( :(