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Now that I've had a bit of time to digest the impact of season 2, I wanted to know what other viewers thought.

I was gleeful of the return and really loved so much about season 2, but there was something unsatisfying about the ending. At first I thought it was because of the cliffhanger, but I'm not sure that's all. In reading some recaps/reviews, I think this article in particular touched on something that was bothering me. So much I wanted as a viewer happened off screen and that final episode was so rushed that it left a hollow place where things should've happened.

The cluster meets face to face for the first time and we see none of that. The article lists several other plot threads that the reviewer felt was rushed, but this one feels the most important to me as this was something I really wanted to see.

Anyway, I still absolutely ADORE this show and can't believe we'll have to wait eons for a season 3 (at least that's the rumor?). I'm so glad Sun is out of prison, that Kala and Wolfgang are circling closer together, that Lito has a gig in L.A., that Nomi is getting engaged, etc. So much positivity has happened to them in the midst of all the crazy chaos of being hunted by Whispers and BPO.

What are your thoughts on season 2?
What did you particularly enjoy?
Who was your favorite character in season 1 and did that change for season 2?
How do you feel about how many other sensates are cropping up?

P.S. all members are welcome to make show-specific posts (like this one)

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