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Saturday Social Post

Hello, television viewers! Welcome to the weekend!
Feel free to talk about any TV-topic you want, below is an optional texty to use.

What TV have you been watching?
Any recent season finale knock your socks off?
Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers?

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Longmire! I hardly ever see anyone talk about Longnire! The only other person I know who watches it is my mom lol. How excited are you season 6?
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Name DEWLine
What TV have you been watching? The Expanse, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD
Any recent season finale knock your socks off? Agents of SHIELD went well enough for me, tying together a whole bunch of plot threads that had no business in the same fictional universe, let alone the same TV series or comic book...but this is Marvel.
Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? See question # 3.
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1. Not yet. I came in about halfway through season 2.

2. Finished books 1-3 after seeing the end of season 2, and working slowly through book 4 as I type this.

3. It seems like a smart move to not try to match one book per season. I've read enough second-hand reports about Game of Thrones.

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Name layla | delacourtings
What TV have you been watching? Lucifer, Designated Survivor, Speechless, The Mick, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Master of None
Any recent season finale knock your socks off? Speechless' finale was one of the greatest I've seen from a sitcom, especially one in its first season. I may or may not have cried. Multiple times. It didn't exactly knock my socks off but I was surprised by The Mick's finale and am intrigued with how it affects the show in its second season.
Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? I used to watch Shadowhunters but I got behind and I plan to watch The Handmaid's Tale and Big Little Lies. I think these adaptations are great! I prefer them to movies but I think that networks/showrunners should realize that some books should really be a miniseries and not a multiple season show. *cough* 13 Reasons Why *cough*
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I really enjoyed Big Little Lies, but I hadn't ever read the book. I'm really looking forward to Handmaid's Tale as well, everyone seems to love it.
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Name Phaeton

What TV have you been watching? progressed to season six of NCIS: LA

Any recent season finale knock your socks off? got spoiled for the NCIS: LA season eight finale, which I'm not happy about. Not the spoiling part, but what they actually did with a character. :(

Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? Yeah, I used to wish for more book-to-television stuff than book-to-movie. More time to develop the characters, more time to go into the finer parts of the plot, etc. I used to be kind of a purist, but by now I'm more lenient, and open to new versions or interpretations.
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Yeah. Teenage me had a hard time wrapping her head around that, but I've learned a lot after almost two decades in fandom. *g*

Same for me, although in this case I haven't allowed myself to really think about it, so I haven't lost momentum yet. Meh.
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Name Grac

What TV have you been watching? Currently watching Elementary, American Gods, iZombie, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Sense8 and Master of None among other things.

Any recent season finale knock your socks off? The first thing that came to mind was The Good Place, which I really didn't see coming. It's going to be interesting to see how things develop in season 2, now that we as the audience know what's really going on and (most of) our protagonists don't.

Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? Do graphic novels count too? Recent series based on a graphic novel that I've watched include iZombie, Preacher and Legion but I haven't actually read the original source material so that probably doesn't count for me this time around.

I'm currently watching American Gods and the other most recent book-to-series I watched was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell so I guess casting can be the most difficult thing to get right, since everyone will have a mental image from the book of what characters look like and that can be really jarring if it's done 'wrong'. I'm trying to think of an example but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

In terms of doing it very right, I would use the TV adaptations of the Nero Wolfe books, starring Maury Chaykin and Timothy Hutton in an ensemble cast, which looked great and the casting (especially of those two as leads) was wonderful. I enjoyed every one of them and they are pretty true to the books as well.
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JS&MN was a UK series, so would probably be considered a mini-series if made in the US! I think they had a pretty good go at it and certainly some of the casting was excellent (the guy playing Childermass was exactly as I'd pictured him and when I re-read the book I'll probably have his face in mind when he's about) but it's a very difficult, very dense book with lots of footnotes and of course that couldn't be recreated. For me, the footnotes give that book the whole period feel it's supposed to have and there's no way around it.

I wonder whether shows have a tendency to want to cast younger if the character concerned is meant to be a love interest? Or they can go the other way and do Hollywood-teenager, where everyone knows that the supposed high school student is actually in their mid-20's, hence the perfect teeth and skin.
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Name: Alexander/Mr.Picard
What TV have you been watching? Still Star Trek: TNG. But I'm preparing for a "Dynasty" re-watch. The show gets a reboot later this year and I want to be ready, haha.
Any recent season finale knock your socks off? The only recent one I've seen was Walking Dead's and that... bored me. (The entire show bores me these days, I have no idea why I'm still watching it.)
Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? No, not really. At least I can't think of any right now. I remember having problems with this when they turned Stephen King's The Dome into a series. I didn't like it much (but I liked the book even though it was WAAAAAY too long).
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What do you think of the reboot of Dynasty? I only know the original Dallas and Dynasty a little bit, but I really enjoyed new Dallas, so I was looking forward to Dynasty. But actually the thing I liked most about Dallas was the old proper Dallas people, and the trailer for new Dynasty looks just super boring to me.
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Yeah Dallas wasn't exactly a real reboot, it was more a continuation. I didn't like that one much, the kids looked nothing like the kids we saw on the original show, I'd have expected at least SOME resemblance... but I also enjoyed seeing Sue Ellen and Bobby (and JR) again, definitely! But... I tried to watch the first season but couldn't get through it, the older folks just weren't enough to hold my interest. With Dynasty I feel differently, it seems to be a complete reboot and I love the trailer BECAUSE it's so bad, I can't tell if it's intentionally bad or not but Inlove it, lol. (I'm weird.) However, I've always been more of a Dallas fan than a Dynasty one, maybe this is why that trailer doesn't irk me.
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Ah. Well even though I'm not a massive fan, I'm definitely more attached to Dynasty than Dallas, so the new Dallas didn't hit any emotional buttons for me and I just enjoyed it and I liked that it enjoyed itself, which a lot of tv doesn't really seem to any more. Whereas I'm already a bit ugh about the new Krystle and how she's not a patch on the real one lol. I can totally see the appeal of its badness though. I hope it's glorious.
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I'm a sucker for the first nine Dallas seasons (I'm one of those folks who like the Dream Season haha) and I'm way too atttached to the characters and the setting and that continuation just didn't cut it for me. I didn't hate it or anything tho, I just could have done without it. lol Yeah the Dynasty reboot seems to put Fallon into the spotlight instead of Krystle? That's gonna be interesting. And I love the new Steven, I really hope they'll fix the issues the original one had (what with him claiming he's gay but then marrying Sammy Jo and whatnot,I get it that the show couldn't show the things it should have due to it being the 80s, he WAS groundbreaking as a character) but looks like as if they'll do just that. Ah we'll see. A lot of people are saying the show will be canceled just like Nu!Dallas was and I'm inclined to think the same thing but hey, until then we might as well have some fun, lol.
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Name badger79

What TV have you been watching? Lucifer, NCIS, APB, Bull

Any recent season finale knock your socks off? NCIS another cliffhanger, can't wait till it's return

Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? Call the Midwife did this really well with acknowledging the material in the book then surpassing it in newer seasons
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I hadn't thought about Call the Midwife, but I totally agree. I hadn't read it before I saw the show, but I think adaptations can be brilliant when they take the setting or the basic premises, and then make their own thing.
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What TV have you been watching?

The thing I'm really loving at the moment is Wentworth. It's in season 5 and I think it's the best season so far. I love the thing that happened at the end of season 4. And I love the freak and I love Sonia and I love Boomer and I love Boomer and Sonia together.

Also prison break prison break prison break. I love that it just is still like it was, it keeps moving and doesn't stop, and I love everyone in it, and I really like this thing where they just bring back tv from the past instead of trying to remake it.

Any recent season finale knock your socks off?

It didn't exactly knock my socks off, but I am really properly impressed by Grey's Anatomy and how even after 13 years it puts together storylines and characters I love. I loved their finale, I love Bailey so much, and I love every time she gets a chance to be brilliant and in charge. I love her finally having enough with Minnick. I don't really think Minnick would be that blasé about failing to tell the police that someone was missing, I think that was purely a mistake she'd have felt awful about. But I think Bailey letting Edwards save that girls life was a very Bailey thing to do and on that level the whole 'we make doctors, not robots' thing made sense, and besides which I don't like Minnick, and I'm very committed to Bailey loving her mentor man and siding with him, so it was great for me. Also I love Meredith and I love that she's still recognisably the same character after 13 years, but also has been allowed to change and mature and stuff. I just think Greys Anatomy has aged incredibly well.

Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers?

I tried to write proper thoughts but I ended up in bullet points:

- I never watched an episode of Inspector Lynley because they cast an actor with dark hair, and Lynley is the blondest character that ever was. It's the most petty I've ever been about an adaptation, and they're not even books I care that much about.

- I don't think I've ever watched an adaptation of a book I really really loved. I think it would be most likely as terrible as all the people who try to remake television I really really love and turn out not to know the first thing about it. But generally I seem to quite like television of books I like but don't feel emotionally invested in.

- I am really enjoying the expanse, but I wish it had longer seasons and could tell its story more slowly, and with more room to breathe.

- On the other hand I think the short seasons work really well for Game of Thrones, even though they are also big sprawling books. And I don't know what the difference is for me.

- I think it's a dreadful state of affairs generally in tv that so much stuff is adaptations and remakes.
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Name entj
What TV have you been watching? American Gods, The Flash, Legion, The Originals
Any recent season finale premiere knock your socks off? The return of Twin Peaks -- I wept tears of happiness. I am still new to Dreamwidth, but I really, really hope we're going to talk about it in this community. :)

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I was travelling all weekend, so I'll throw in a late post:

Name Tablesaw
What TV have you been watching? Doctor Who, Supergirl, Flash, Elementary, American Gods, iZombie, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Twin Peaks (mostly rewatches, I haven't gotten to the new stuff yet).
Any recent season finale knock your socks off? I can't think of anything that really liked since the finale of Bates Motel. (I assume that rewatching the Black Lodge segment of Twin Peaks doesn't count as recent). Supergirl hasn't been impressive in general, but the return of Cat Grant has been super fantastic.
Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers? Setting aside comic books, I've enjoyed The Magicians, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Elementary, OITNB & The Dresden Files; I've disliked Game of Thrones, Sherlock & The Expanse; and I really love Hannibal, American Gods & A Series of Unfortunate Events. Of those, the only books I've read are the Holmes stories, A Song of Ice and Fire, some of the Dresden Files, and one Sookie Stackhouse book.

One thing that I really appreciate is when an adaptation focuses on taking themes and imagery from the source more than plot. I never read the Harris novels, but I was fascinated by the way the Hannibal team would create new stories for Hannibal and Will based more on vivid excerpts of the novels rather than actual plot progressions. It's certainly working with American Gods, too.
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[personal profile] tablesaw 2017-05-23 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Magicians is one of those shows that keeps me going by usually having at least one brilliant thing every episode, even when the overall arc drags. I thought the Season 2 finale was excellent, as well.

Re Twin Peaks, yeah, I'm trying to refresh myself to watch the new Season. A lot of these episodes I haven't seen since they aired, and I'm surprised at how vividly I remember them.