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Active DW communities:
[community profile] theamericans (The Americans)
- multiple posts, latest is Promo discussion: Episode 5x11
[community profile] tori_reviews (DC CW Shows)
- multiple posts, latest is ARROW 1X08: VENDETTA
[community profile] rocinante (The Expanse)
- multiple posts, latest is Book Amos & show Amos
[community profile] su_herald (Buffy/Angel - newsletter format)
- multiple posts, latest is The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, May 9, 2017
[community profile] thelibrarians_tv (The Librarians)
[community profile] xfilesficrecs (X-Files fic/fic recs)
- multiple posts, latest is Fic Rec: 1x19 Darkness Falls
Any other TV comms around DW? Please let me know.

Keeping Track:
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Member's Corner:
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[personal profile] donutsweeper TV NEWS AND BLATHERINGS
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Have one that I didn't link? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

In our own house:
[personal profile] delacourtings posted a Speechless Primer

Suggestions and feedback welcome.
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Hello :)

I discovered this comm last week, and I'm SO happy to see it. I was discussing within myself whether there was scope to open a panfandom/panshow DW comm for discussion and meta and here you are! Brilliant :)

I'm looking around and learning how it works (I'm an old fan, in age and fan years, I'm slow, lol). I've been very active in fandom for years, then peripheral for more years, and now I feel the need to get back into those long juicy conversations about TV shows and characters and all that. And fandom has changed so much (which is natural, I'm not complaining, just stating a fact). I was a fan when we relied on fanzines for communications, lol. I like Tumblr for the imagery, but I think the LJ-DW system is still the most conducive to conversations.

Enough about me! I'll do next social intro post, I'm going to read the one from last Saturday. I watch WAY TOO many shows and have lots of things to talk about! (Right now, The 100 is doing something really incredible for teen-marketed scifi TV series, for example).

Since it's getting into Season Finale Time, perhaps we should have a post dedicated to that? And people can start a new Thread with the Title of the Show Finale they are discussing? Just an idea.