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TV Primers

TV Primers are a great way to generate interest in a show you're watching and/or find fellow fans. Please see topic: primer tag for examples done in the past, although don't feel restricted to any particular format - the format is entirely up to the poster.

Standard rules of the community apply (ie. no bashing, warn/cut for spoilers, etc.)

What's a Primer?
(*stealing Recycling verbage from [personal profile] timetobegin's post.....)
Its an introduction to a show that remains mostly spoiler-free, so people get thinking about watching it. You should include

- The show and basic plot
- The main characters
- Fun things about the show people should know.
- Perhaps where to find the show?

If you're interested in doing a primer, PLEASE DO. Comment here if you wanna let people know which show you're doing (in case someone else decides too as well) And go ahead and post when you're ready.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! :)

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