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Homebase: Graceland

Welcome to Graceland! Please note that there are no guns allowed on the main level and no civvies allowed upstairs! Also, mind the chore wheel!

Airing Wednesday nights at 10pm EDT

Season 1 Thread.

Season 2 air dates
2x01: The Line - 11/Jun/14
2x02: Connects - 18/Jun/14
2x03: Tinker Bell - 25/Jun/14
2x04: Magic Number - 09/Jul/14
2x05: H-a-Double-P-Y - 16/Jul/14
2x06: The Unlucky One - 23/Jul/14
2x07: Los Malos - 30/Jul/14
2x08: The Ends - 06/Aug/14
2x09: Gratis - 13/Aug/14
2x10: The Head of the Pig - 20/Aug/14
2x11: - 27/Aug/14
2x12: TBA
2x13: Echoes - TBA

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Re: 2x01: The Line

[personal profile] lostdragonfound 2014-06-17 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Mikey stripping was very nice! And I was so surprised about his bed partner!!! Audrey!!!

Um...Yeah I already finished season 1 and am now officially caught up.

Kind of awkward with Mikey being their boss for this mission thing. Not sure how I feel about the new guy in the house. I wonder if he's going to last.

Re: 2x01: The Line

[personal profile] lostdragonfound 2014-06-17 07:05 pm (UTC)(link)
i don't like how he didn't even ask them

I didn't either, and yet he looked as if they should be happy or feel honored to be his team.

I think he's gotten out of touch being in DC. Not that he was completely "in-touch" with things before, but I think he's let his position go to his head.

rheasilvia: (Default)

[personal profile] rheasilvia 2014-06-13 05:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Just started watching S1 and am enjoying it so far! :-) I expected to be annoyed with Mike, but so far I'm not - he makes the eager puppy vibe work for him, I find. :-)

I am still on the fence about Briggs because he seems a bit TOO perfect, but I wil wait and see. :-)
rheasilvia: (Default)

[personal profile] rheasilvia 2014-06-13 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I've just watched ep 8, and I'm not sure how much I can say here for fear of spoilers! :-) I'm going to try making the text white so it can only be reaed by highlighting...

The following contains spoilers up to S1E08 - highlight to read!

On the entire Briggs-is-Odin situation:

I must say I really, really like the way this developed, and the idea in principle. I am very glad that the much-idolized Briggs has very serious feet of clay. At this point it's clear that he's staging the entire solo drug dealer op out of personal revenge, wanting to get back at the Key Man - and in the process endangering a LOT of people and walking roughshod over every law and FBI undercover op rule. A lot of people have already been killed thanks to Briggs' Odin machinations, but it seems he either sees his goal of getting to and taking down the Key Man as far more important than the lives of some junkies or people involved in the drug trade, and/or rationalizes it as "if I hadn't supplied the drugs somebody else would have, they would have gotten killed in some cartel feud anyway, bla bla".

In the beginning I was afraid this would turn out to be some entirely genius solo op on Briggs' part that would - in the end - turn out to have been completely justified, selfless, brilliant and amazing in some way... in effect, Briggs sacrificing his career by going against the rules to do what Must Be Done, achieving what nobody else could have achieved (because Briggs is so good he knows better than the rules), and being Right About Everything. I would have hated that.

Now I am glad that the narrative has passed the point of no return on interpreting Briggs' actions this way... although I'm still very nervous about how this will all turn out in the end, because at this point I really don't want everyone to forgive Briggs. I like him as a character and think he's very interesting, and yes, he undoubtedly IS brilliant. BUT I don't see how he can stay on as an agent after this, and I don't want any excuses to be made for him. That would shoot him right back into Mary Sue Supreme territory and make me Very Annoyed. (I do get annoyed easily at fictional narratives, yes, why do you ask. *g*)

So really, the outcome of the Briggs thing this will be an interesting test of the show for me. :-)

I like Mike more and more, really. He's green, but very competent and smart, and also just sweet... like a smart, cute and super-eager easily-trained puppy who should be petted a lot.

Jonny is indeed awesome, as is Jakes! The interactions are very nice, and I hope against hope that there will not be romances between any of the agents in the house, because I like that the women are (for the most part) treated as agents and not love interests.
rheasilvia: (Klaus)

[personal profile] rheasilvia 2014-06-13 11:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, Mike really was given the lousiest first assignment - spying on your idol, going undercover to your actual colleagues first thing... that's almost cruel. I'm assuming the FBI thought a more experienced agent would be even more unlikely to be able to bear not having anyone to trust, or any safe space at all.
rheasilvia: (If ellipses could be capitalized)

Ep 1x12

[personal profile] rheasilvia 2014-06-14 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Spoilers up to 1x12 - highlight to read!

Just watched the S1 finale, and I have to say I am not very happy about the Briggs "resolution". This is mostly because I have the distinct impression that I (the viewer) am meant to sympathize with and admire Briggs on some level - even that the ending of having him cleared of all suspicion (except Mike's) is meant to feel like a happy ending on most levels. After all, he was doing it for revenge for his fridged girlfriend, right? He may have directly caused the entire goddamn disaster in the first place by being an arrogant idiot, getting caught and giving up his fellow agent under torture... he may have murdered and dealt drugs and caused numerous deaths directly and indirectly... he may have endangered his new team repeatedly and knowingly accepted that they might all die because he was *again* acting stupidly and arrogantly, thinking he knew better in the exact same way he did in the very beginning... yeah sure, but oh whatever, he's such a cool guy and it was all because he was so tortured!

Wow, that so does not work for me. So very not. I really cannot deal with Briggs being depicted as a cool guy the audience should sympathize with.

If Briggs is intended to be seen as a bad guy, with the next season actually about tracking him down after all (which the discovery of the tape might hint at very slightly), then I would be fine with that. But unfortunately the way the narrative swings on the Briggs issue, it seems to me the viewer is meant to hope he *isn't*caught, and that this new threat to him passes as all the others did.
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Re: Ep 1x12

[personal profile] rheasilvia 2014-07-18 12:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I've watched the first two eps, but then stopped because it seemed to me that things were headed towards "isn't Briggs really cool, dear viewers? everyone will eventually find out what he did and be a little miffed, but they'll soon forgive him because he's so cool" territory.

I also liked that the events of S1 are still important plot points, but, yeah. Still not okay with the way the show doesn't seem to want to hold Briggs responsible for the true extent of his crimes and fuck-ups. It seemed to me as though as the viewer, I was even being asked to feel sorry for Briggs because he had manpain over having killed someone's husband, and admire him for trying to help her now.

Re: 2x02: Connects

[personal profile] lostdragonfound 2014-06-19 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
What is everyone doing? Everyone seems to be doing things that are probably very bad ideas!!!!
Also poor little goat :(

Re: 2x05: H-a-Double-P-Y

[personal profile] lostdragonfound 2014-07-20 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
I think it was a bad idea for Mike to keep Jakes and kick the new guy (whose name I've already forgotten, now that he's gone) out. I understand why he did it, but Jakes is so far from the top of his game right now.

I'm so worried for Paige.

Also, it's really sad that drug trafficking takes precedence over human trafficking.