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Saturday Social Post

Hello, television viewers! I thought we could use another social post since the last one was so successful. Feel free to talk about any TV you want, below is a texty to use if you want.

What TV have you been watching?
How do you watch?*
What summer show are you looking forward to?

*A topic that's come up more than once recently is how we manage our TV media consumption. We still have the traditional broadcast television with their traditional 'fall' season premieres, winter hiatus and spring finales. But that's only a fraction of what's available now. We have cable networks with shows that have shorter seasons and fall into the 'winter' or 'summer' categories, and within cable networks there's a hierarchy of the premium channels like Showtime and HBO compared to the basic channels like SyFy and USA Network. Then there are streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, which will sometimes drop an entire season at once. And if that's not enough, I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten.

Then comes the question of when you have access to the show vs. when the show was released. For example, a show that is currently airing on a cable channel will become available on a subscription service like Netflix several months later. If you're in a different country, that release is even more delayed. Do you wait? If you're behind other viewers/fans, how does it change your fannish interaction?

FYI - My comments/experience above is based on USA, please share yours as I don't know a lot about what's common in other countries other than via osmosis from places like this. The region release schedule varies and confuses the heck out of me.

Some summer show resources:
Summer TV Premier Calendar
Popsugar's Guide to Summer's Hottest New and Returning Shows

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