Hello, television viewers! Welcome to the weekend!
Feel free to talk about any TV-topic you want, below is an optional texty to use.

What TV have you been watching?
What TV character is your favorite? Why?
What hobbies besides TV have kept you entertained lately?

Hello, television viewers! Welcome to the weekend!
Feel free to talk about any TV-topic you want, below is an optional texty to use.

I ran across this from tvline.com: Summer TV Calendar: 90+ Premiere and Finale Dates to Save for June/July
I think it's more updated than the one I ran across a couple weeks ago. *ahem*

What TV have you been watching?
Anything coming back in June that you're excited for?
Any renewals or cancelations that you found surprising?

Hello, television viewers! Welcome to the weekend!
Feel free to talk about any TV-topic you want, below is an optional texty to use.

What TV have you been watching?
Any recent season finale knock your socks off?
Book to television. Do you watch any shows like this? What are your thoughts on how medium transfers?

Hello, television viewers! I thought we could use another social post since the last one was so successful. Feel free to talk about any TV you want, below is a texty to use if you want.

What TV have you been watching?
How do you watch?*
What summer show are you looking forward to?

*A topic that's come up more than once recently is how we manage our TV media consumption. We still have the traditional broadcast television with their traditional 'fall' season premieres, winter hiatus and spring finales. But that's only a fraction of what's available now. We have cable networks with shows that have shorter seasons and fall into the 'winter' or 'summer' categories, and within cable networks there's a hierarchy of the premium channels like Showtime and HBO compared to the basic channels like SyFy and USA Network. Then there are streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, which will sometimes drop an entire season at once. And if that's not enough, I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten.

Then comes the question of when you have access to the show vs. when the show was released. For example, a show that is currently airing on a cable channel will become available on a subscription service like Netflix several months later. If you're in a different country, that release is even more delayed. Do you wait? If you're behind other viewers/fans, how does it change your fannish interaction?

FYI - My comments/experience above is based on USA, please share yours as I don't know a lot about what's common in other countries other than via osmosis from places like this. The region release schedule varies and confuses the heck out of me.

Some summer show resources:
Summer TV Premier Calendar
Popsugar's Guide to Summer's Hottest New and Returning Shows

Hello, television viewers! I thought we could use another social post since the last one was so successful. Feel free to talk about any TV you want, below is a texty to use if you want.

What TV have you been watching?
Who is one of your favorite one-episode characters?
What show have you not watched, but are considering?

Hello! I don't know if it was because DW/LJ was slowing down or if it was the changing television habits, but somehow we drifted away from talking about TV shows in this space.

I'm still here. I still like TV. And I'd still like to talk about shows I'm watching. Based on the increased activity I'm seeing on DW, I don't think I'm alone. (or maybe I am - LOL)
Anyway, I think we should resuscitate this community and start talking. What do you think?

Would anyone out there be willing to help me out with three things? (feel free to browse older entries for ideas)

1) If you where building DW television discussion community, what elements would you include?
2) What sort of posts/activities would inspire you to participate?
3) Do you have any suggestions or ideas for structure or format?

FYI - I want this community to be open forum - meaning just because we develop some structure or have scheduled posts, people are always welcome to come post about any TV show at any time.

And... just so this post isn't all boring business, we should maybe socialize as well, and get this thing started out right. :D

What TV have you been watching?
What genre(s) of TV do you like best?
Link something cool you've seen on tumblr/dw/lj lately!

There are so many new shows I know nothing about! Have you watched any? If so what did you think?

Or maybe you're catching up on older shows or watching your trusty favorites *cough*B99*cough*. :) Tell us all!
- i've watched the first 5 episodes of The Affair! then read some spoilers and am now dragging my feet on finishing the last 5 episodes.
- i've been rewatching poirot! it's been a blast.
- i'm watching julia mckenzie's run as miss marple for the first time and i'm enjoying it a lot. i love jane, i love julia mckenzie as jane, it's all good. (btw, if i had to rec an episode for a trial run, i'd totally rec The Pale Horse!)

i intend on starting mozart in the jungle soon-ish.

what about you? sens8 seems all the rage, from what i can tell.

Hey guys! It's been a while? So anybody wants to talk about something? I know I have some Parks and Recs feels to get out. :) It can be any show, doesn't have to be current. Speaking of older shows let me tell you about...

As usual please consider putting spoilers behind spoiler tags like so:

[Spoiler:<span style="color:white;background:white;">your spoilery text</span>]

Friday Social Post Time.

Let's talk about shows that surprised us, shows that we started out watching with low expectations,
but that we ended up really liking/loving way more than we expected.

You can pick 5 in the tradition of Friday 5 or as many as you want.
You can just list the shows or elaborate as much or as little as you want on what expectations you had going into the show
and what surprised you about it.



We're having an active discussion on Haven's season 5 premiere over here.
We've also been talking about the Graceland finale over here.


*'Haven' is back, so bring on the troubles [SPOILERS]
*zap2it: 'Haven' Season 5 Premiere [SPOILERS]
*Haven's EPs Talk about Spoilery Stuff [SPOILERS]


It's September!!!

Summer is just about over, despite the week of mid 80s and low 90s that we've had here in Massachusetts.
Most of the summer shows have wrapped up, and the few stragglers left will be wrapping up soon!

Many shows will be returning this month. Some will even be returning next week!

So for This Week's Friday 5, share your top 5 shows that you're looking forward to returning and/or debuting this Fall TV Season.

Here in the US it's the start of Labor day weekend (and if Wikipedia isn't lying to me, Monday's Labour Day in Canada as well).

With that in mind, I thought a summer/end of summer themed Friday 5 could be fun for our Friday Social Post!

Five Questions:

Do you watch more or less TV in the summer?
Do you watch a lot of the shows that air in summer?
Do you go out and do more actual 'real life' things in the summer?
Do you take vacations? (during the summer or other times)
Are you looking forward to the Fall TV schedule starting back up again?

Answer as many or as few questions as you want.
Or don't answer any of them...you could recommend a show instead.
Feel free to leave some recommendations even if you do answer the questions.
You can even tell us how your summer is going...assuming it's summer where you are, of course :)

For my first Friday Social Post I've decided to mix it up a bit and make this a 'returning show' - 'social post' hybrid in honor of DOCTOR WHO returning tomorrow!!!

I figure that just about everyone online has at least heard of DOCTOR WHO, even if they've never seen an episode.

Saturday August 23rd The Doctor returns in the 8th series. This time with a new Doctor!!!

First the poll:

Poll #15821 DOCTOR WHO
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

What say you?

View Answers

I plan to watch this.
15 (51.7%)

I watch this show, but I'm not caught up.
0 (0.0%)

I've watched this show before but don't anymore.
8 (27.6%)

I watch this show and am all caught up.
8 (27.6%)

I'm considering checking this out at some point.
3 (10.3%)

I have no plans to watch this season at this time.
4 (13.8%)

I have no plans to watch this show in general.
0 (0.0%)

I've never even heard of this show before today!
0 (0.0%)

9 (31.0%)

Discussion Questions/Topics:

Have you ever watched Doctor Who, in any of its incarnations?
Tell us about your experience with the show!
Do you have a favorite Doctor (s)?
Favorite Companion (s)?
Favorite Villains?
Favorite Episodes and/or moments?
Are you excited about the new Doctor?

Post anything Doctor Who related, gifs, recs etc.

Or if you've never watched the show you could post about how the show never interested you or how you never got into the show or have been meaning to check it out but just haven't gotten around to it.

> Fill out the texty
> Post it below
> Comment!

There have been a lot of new shows this summer. I've featured some of them in the "new shows" tag and others I've skipped, sometimes intentionally but most of the time because I just don't have the time or energy.

I'm curious (and I'm sure others are too) if anyone is watching the new shows and what they think about them.

Some of the New Shows Still Airing now:

The Leftovers
The Last Ship
The Night Shift
Halt and Catch Fire
Girl Meets World
Taxi Brooklyn
Murder in the First

Comment about any of the new shows that premiered this summer (even if they've already finished the season).
What did you think? Would you recommend them to others?
Try and stay away from spoilers please :)


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