Hello! I don't know if it was because DW/LJ was slowing down or if it was the changing television habits, but somehow we drifted away from talking about TV shows in this space.

I'm still here. I still like TV. And I'd still like to talk about shows I'm watching. Based on the increased activity I'm seeing on DW, I don't think I'm alone. (or maybe I am - LOL)
Anyway, I think we should resuscitate this community and start talking. What do you think?

Would anyone out there be willing to help me out with three things? (feel free to browse older entries for ideas)

1) If you where building DW television discussion community, what elements would you include?
2) What sort of posts/activities would inspire you to participate?
3) Do you have any suggestions or ideas for structure or format?

FYI - I want this community to be open forum - meaning just because we develop some structure or have scheduled posts, people are always welcome to come post about any TV show at any time.

And... just so this post isn't all boring business, we should maybe socialize as well, and get this thing started out right. :D

What TV have you been watching?
What genre(s) of TV do you like best?
Link something cool you've seen on tumblr/dw/lj lately!

And…I'm back!

I had my summer break and am ready to come back and mod the community.
To be honest, I missed it and I've come to the conclusion that it was the responsibility of modding another community (team mod for a landcomm) while doing this one that was the primary cause of my stress issues earlier.

So, things have been restructured and homebases seem to be a thing of the past now.
My current plan is similar to [personal profile] timetobegin 's proposed restructure...

Sunday: The Coming Week in TV - similar to the previous daily round ups, but for the week ahead and with fewer shows listed, because our previous listings were getting crazy. I'm also not going to put the episode #s either (just trying to streamline this a bit). I will make special note of premieres and finales though. There maybe be a few timely links added as well (particularly in the case of cancellations and renewals)

Monday: Current TV Discussion Post - we can talk about the current shows we've been watching, and make comment threads for shows/episodes. We'll be trying to keep things spoiler free and any spoilers can be done with making the text white.

Links (basically what I've been doing already)

Wednesday: Current TV Discussion Post (like Mondays but on Wednesdays)

Thursday: Links (like Tuesdays but on Thursdays)

Friday: Social Post of some sort or other

Saturday: [personal profile] colls ' Previously On posts continued (I hope)

I'll be doing the scheduled Sunday - Friday posts (unless someone else wants to do Friday Social Posts)

Non-Scheduled Posts: Anything TV related posted by whoever and whenever. That includes me, like when I posted about Murder in the First at the end of the season. If you want to post about something TV related please do! Remember this community is for all of us.

I don't know if people want to see returning and new show posts like I was doing before, with or without the polls added. Any thoughts on that? The Fall season is nearly upon us :)

Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions? Ideas for Social Posts?

Social Posts are probably my weak spot. I'm very introverted and being social, even online tends to take a bit of effort for me much of the time. Not all of the time, but a lot of it. I do have some ideas for some social posts, but maybe I should make a post that people can submit ideas to.

♥ Sunday's post will go up later today

-Where Old Homebases Go to Rest-

Here you can find links to old homebases and whether or not the shows are still on the air and if they have a new homebase or not.
-in progress-
Read more... )
Last Updated: 13 June 2014

-Homebase and Captain List-

For Rules and Guidelines, check out our profile page and the old sticky post (but please don't sign up to be a captain there, I might not see it)
Eventually we will have a FAQ post! If you are unsure about something, just ask!

If you're interesting in becoming a captain of a show not currently spoken for, you can comment to this post or at any of the recent round up posts.
If you want to stop captaining a show or aren't going to be around for a bit to post episode threads, please let me know.

Captains are in charge of posting home base/s for their show & posting a weekly thread for each episode for that show. You can post whatever else you like in the home base post. Just have a look at some of the other home base posts.
You can check the home base tag here.

*Check and make sure this list looks right to you, especially if you are a captain*
I am going to be working on redoing the Show Captains list this week.

[personal profile] laisserais  is on a bit of hiatus from active modding right now, so I will be making a brand new post.

Right now the post is out of date. I need to add some of the shows that now have homebases that aren't yet listed.
I'm also planning to take the orphaned shows off the list that are now in hiatus. If anyone would like to adopted an orphaned show or make a new homebase for it for the new season, let me know.

The Vampire Diaries while listed as orphaned is not, I will be make a homebase for that in the Fall and taking over as captain now that I've finally watched the fifth season.

I also plan to take shows that have been canceled off the list.

I'm wondering if we need a sort of old homebase graveyard post in case people want to check out previous posts or if being able to check a show through the tags is enough. Feel free to comment with any opinions on this.

Also please comment if you see yourself listed as a captain for a show you no longer intend to captain.

With new season, you may make a new homebase or you can keep the old one as long as it doesn't have too many comments.
I personally will be making new homebases for the shows I captain with the new seasons.

If you'd like to sign up for an upcoming show that has yet to air, you can, but please only do so if you are serious with following through. You may wait until the coming season is closer before making a homebase. Primers are nice too, but I consider them optional at this point.

Note: Agent Carter is already spoken for. [personal profile] silverr  will be captaining that show when it finally airs!

Any thoughts on how we do the homebase thing, or anything else of a similar nature, please comment here.

I'm also going to be working on a FAQs kind of post soon, any questions you think should be included, please feel free to comment with them here :)

The first poll is about our Daily Round Up Posts…

There are a lot of shows out there and we currently work off of a list of about 90 shows at the moment. Many of these are on hiatus, others will be entering hiatus soon. Some will be returning and others are unlikely to. And of course there are always new shows.

We of course list all the shows that have homebases here at tv_talk. We also list shows that interest us as well as others that we think might be interesting and we try and add shows when suggested as well.

It can be hard to keep up with new shows though, and hard to anticipate what might be interesting to someone and we probably can’t really add everything.

We would like to know what you’re interested in seeing listed.

So once again it is time for a poll!Read more... )

Feel free to comment to discuss any of these options, give other ideas, or just say “hi” :)

Oh and we're working on putting together a FAQ for the community. If you have any questions you think should go into it, you can comment about that here too!
Wash from Firefly playing with toy dinosaurs with text says curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

It is time to close out our first rewatch poll and open up a new one!
At this time the three shows that had the most votes are: Firefly (16), Wonderfalls (14) and Veronica Mars (12).
We thought that we might run two tracks at the same time if enough people are interested.

The first track would be Firefly.
We are thinking one episode a week on the weekends.
There are 14 episodes and the plan would be to start on Saturday February 1st and have it run through Saturday May 3rd (if I've done my calculations correctly that is).

The second track would be the Advanced Track with Veronica Mars.
There are three seasons for Veronica Mars.
There is a Veronica Mars movie that is coming out around March 14, 2014 and some people may want to rewatch (or watch for the first time) in preparation for that event.

Considering that there are 64 episodes of Veronica Mars and a movie coming up soon we thought there might be an interest for a more advanced viewing schedule. How advanced is up to what everyone is interested in.

Also remember that you don't have to keep up, you can jump in a comment thread whenever you get a chance to watch a particular episode. Unless you are the show captain, then you should probably try and keep up :)

We're also interested in how you would like the issue of spoilers dealt with in regards to these rewatches. It's possible that some people will be watching the first time around and some veterans might want to talk about how something in the current episode we're talking about foreshadows a future event. We'd like to know how you all feel about how that should be handled.

Poll #14891 TV Rewatch Poll #2
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 21

Are you interested in rewatching Firefly once a week, on weekends?

View Answers

18 (90.0%)

2 (10.0%)

Are you interested in an Advanced Track viewing of Veronica Mars?

View Answers

9 (45.0%)

11 (55.0%)

If you voted yes on #2, how many episodes a week would you like to try for?

View Answers

1 (we'll be done S1 by the end of June)
2 (25.0%)

4 (we'll be done S1 around March 15)
4 (50.0%)

7 (we'll be done S1 & S2 around March 15)
0 (0.0%)

10 (we should be able to finish all 3 seasons by March 15)
2 (25.0%)

Your thoughts on dealing with spoilers during rewatches...

View Answers

I'm not concerned about spoilers for rewatches at all.
9 (42.9%)

I think spoiler warnings in the comment subject line is enough for all spoilers.
9 (42.9%)

I think spoiler warnings in the comment subject line for anything EXCEPT major spoilers ie: character death, is fine.
0 (0.0%)

I think people should write up thoughts that include spoilers for episodes we're not discussing yet in their own journals and link them back to the comment threads instead.
2 (9.5%)

None of the above, I'll comment.
1 (4.8%)

If anyone would like to volunteer to be a captain for one of these shows, please comment here. If no one volunteers I can do it. So if you're interested in participating but no one feels up to captaining don't worry we can still do this thing.

We'd like to start this Saturday February 1st, so I will be closing out this poll on Thursday Night at the latest. If you want to captain one of these two shows you need to be able to get a homebase up by this Saturday.

ETA: Anyone else have any thoughts on using rot13 (rot13.com) for spoilers?

Assuming all goes well, there will be more rewatches in the future :) We can do another poll when these rewatches are closing up and have what we didn't' get to on the new poll along with the suggestions from the comments of the previous poll and any other suggestions people may have when that time comes around.
It's rewatch poll time!

Would you like to rewatch and older show that you once loved or check out a show you missed out on that's come and gone but everyone still keeps talking about?

We're still in the organizing stages of planning a rewatch and we'd like you to weigh in on any shows that you might be interested in watching along with us.

We plan on setting up the rewatches much like we do the current shows with a Homebase with comment threads for each episode so you can drop in and talk with us whenever you have a chance. It won't matter if you're a little late in watching, the post and comments will be there waiting for you to join in at any time!

These are some of the shows we're considering at the moment.
Pleases leaves comments with any other ideas you have.
We tried to pick shows that were short lived but well loved but some of them are a little longer than others.
I've linked each to their IMDb page as well as noted their run dates, how many seasons and how many episodes they each have.

list of shows with links and information under the cut )

Poll #14873 TV Rewatch Poll
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 27

What Shows are you interested in rewatching with us? (pick as many as you want)

View Answers

Twin Peaks
10 (37.0%)

Freaks and Geeks
3 (11.1%)

16 (59.3%)

Dead Like Me
4 (14.8%)

14 (51.9%)

The 4400
1 (3.7%)

Veronica Mars
12 (44.4%)

3 (11.1%)

3 (11.1%)

Pushing Daisies
9 (33.3%)

5 (18.5%)

2 (7.4%)

Terra Nova
3 (11.1%)

I'll comment with my own suggestion.
1 (3.7%)

none of the above but I don't have any other ideas.
0 (0.0%)

3 (11.1%)

Hi everyone!

It's that time of year again, where everything picks up. ALL the shows are back, it feels like!

I would like to welcome our new co-mod, [personal profile] lostdragonfound! I'm very excited that she's joining me and [personal profile] timetobegin!

I'd also like to check in and make sure that our list of homebases is accurate. If you're a captain, or if you'd like to be, please check out this list and let me know if it looks right to you. We have quite a few shows, down toward the bottom of the list, that have captains, but no homebases yet. If you guys are still interested in captaining these shows, let me know if I can assist in getting the homebases set up.

Please let me know if you want to change shows, or add or delete shows from your captain roster. If you guys feel like this format isn't working, we can look at other options as well. :)

The captain's table is under here )

Hello there

Jan. 8th, 2014 01:12 pm
Happy New Year, TV Talkers!

[personal profile] timetobegin has been kind enough to let me jump in and add some posts to tv_talk. I'll be doing roundup posts for the second half of the week, and if it seems interesting to y'all, sharing various tv-related links that I've collected throughout the week, including various discussions happening on other sites.

*First up: a reminder that our discussion posts have gone to a >>>home base<<< format. Check the link to find discussions about your favorite shows.

*Also, I'm doing a poll on TV watching habits, to get a better idea of what will work for you guys, in discussing shows. If you have a second, I'd love it if you took the poll!

*Take a gander at the handy January TV calendar [personal profile] timetobegin shared.

*Here's an interesting essay about How to Love Asshole Characters by pokochina, DW [misc shows]

*And I found this awesome article: The Wachowskis are making a TV show [spoilers!, The AVC]

I've noticed with the uptick in new seasons shows & new shows, there has been a lot more posts to the comm and a drop off in comments. I'm assumming you're bypassing any shows you don't watch, however i'm also worried that there might be a bit of things getting lost in the shuffle!

I'm proposing a CHANGE IN THE FORMAT HERE. This is how it will go:

1. If you want to talk about a show, make a Base post for the show. This will be HOME BASE for the show in question
2. Each week, people will continue to comment on THAT POST. You're also able to link fanworks for that show, icons, etc in comments or start discussion threads.
3. I'll post a round up post with links to the shows every 3-4 days, so you're reminded of the shows, and to go make comments to these posts.
4. Since the AMOUNT of posts will be reduced, I'll also be posting social/discussion posts as well.

GRANTED there are no serious concerns for this, I'll be setting this up starting SUNDAY, 3rd NOVEMBER.

Please be in touch if you're happy to host a HOME BASE post for a show (i.e if you're captain now) or just want to edit the last post you made for your show to be the home base!!!

Thanks, let me know of any concerns or feedback in the comments.
1. As you might have noticed, posts are moderated. This is to avoid spam. Once you make a post that is relevant to the comm and i approve it, you'll then have unmoderated posting abilities. If someone does spam the comm i'll delete them and revoke unmoderated, but i doubt that will be an issue.

2. Keep posting those primers!!!

3. vote in the bracket

4. FALL TV SEASON IS ALMOST UPON US. We do have some captains for shows, but also i might post the odd post about shows that are captainless. If you want to take over a show that i post YOU STILL CAN. (i am bound by the same rules you are - i can only have 3 shows and i've already picked mine, so extra posts will be just that - extra)
If you're interested in posting weekly posts about a show sign up here!

some upcoming shows!!! )
>>> the fall friending meme is still in full swing! THANK YOU for pimping and participating.

>>> WELCOME new members and recent members :D thanks for joining us here at [community profile] tv_talk if you'd like to post any of the following, please let me know in the sign up post

- Weekly Reaction posts
- Primers (even if it's just a one-off post of a cancelled show you'd like to talk about)
- General Discussion or social posts.

>>> I'm hoping to also promote weekly discussion posts on tumblr, but that's kinda time-zone dependent so if you wanna help out with that, or are keen to do your own pimping in comms and on tumblr, let me know! more people to discuss some of the shows would be great!

Have a great day!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to [community profile] tv_talk & Thanks for joining! Since this comm will be more successful the more people that join, I'd love it if you invited your friends or promoted it if you get the chance :D

COPY & PASTE & FILL OUT! (but of COURSE you are welcome to comment with whatever you like, or start your own question thread. DO WHAT YOU WANT)

Feel free to posts gifs or whatever. seriously do what you want :D


May. 24th, 2013 10:33 am
Please promote us so we can get as many members as possible :D

A television discussion comm.
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