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Welcome back, or welcome newbie, make yourselves comfortable. If you're not sure why you're here because you don't watch the show, go get started immediately. If you're not sure you should, go look at this primer and then get started immediately. Because season four is upon us!

(PSA: I can't actually watch the episodes until Tuesday morning (GMT) but I'll definitely be around after.)

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Welcome to Teen Wolf!
Hope you have all your howls in order and are ready to bite into a new season! The season's theme is "Can't Go Back" and it aires Moondays @ 10pm

Episodes Aired:
4x01 - The Dark Moon
4x02 - 117
4x03 - Muted
4x04 - The Benefactor

Upcoming Episodes:
4x05 - I.E.D.

General Discussion
Fanworks Thread

→ A new comment thread will be posted for each new episode.
Official Site @ MTV
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Welcome to the Home Base for Hawaii Five-0

The show airs on CBS at 9/8c on Friday nights.


Previous Episode Discussion Threads

Upcoming Episodes (episodes without press release are tentative dates)
26 September: 5.01 A'ohe kahi e pe'e ai (Nowhere to Hide) [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
3 October: 5.02 Ka Makuakāne (Family Man) [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
10 October: 5.03 Kanalu Hope Loa (The Last Break) [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
17 October: 5.04 Hawaiian Title (English Title) [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
24 October: 5.05 Ho'oilana (English Title) [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
31 October: 5.06 Hawaiian Title (English Title) [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
7 November: 5.07 Hawaiian Title (English Title) [100th episode] [press release] Episode Discussion Thread
21 November: 5.08 Hawaiian Title (English Title) [Carol Burnett returns Frankie Vallie Guest Stars] [press release] Episode Discussion Thread

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 spoilers: Executive Producer Peter Lenkov clears up McDanno split rumours!
Mega Buzz: Dome's Pink Stars, Bridge's New Love and Another Leftovers Death (scoop for Hawaii Five-0 is about half-way down the page)
Season 5 Premiere's at early SOTB (Saturday, September 13th, 2014 at Waikiki Beach)
Season 5 Blessing will be July 8th. source Scheduled to start at 6am Hawaii Time. source
Five-0 Redux: Lenkov looks forward to season five
'Five-0' begins filming fifth season (there's a video and about 31 pictures)
Mega Buzz: New Blood on Elementary, Blacklist and Hawaii (third spoiler down)
Hawaii Five-0 gets 2 Emmy Nominations
The British rock band Bush will perform at next month’s Sunset on the Beach premiere of Hawaii Five-0

Join us as we discuss the episode each Friday night. Episode discussion threads (comments) will be posted a couple of hours before the episode airs on the east coast.

This is the home base for Dominion!
This is the first season and there will be 13 episodes.
Season one airs on Syfy from June 19-September 11 2014 on Thursday nights.

What is Dominion?
Dominion is an epic supernatural drama set in the near future. Specifically, 25 years after "The Extinction War," when an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel, waged war against mankind. The archangel Michael, turning against his own kind, chose to side with humanity. Rising out of the ashes of this long battle are newly fortified cities which protect human survivors. At the center of the series is the city of Vega, a glistening empire that has formed from the ruins of what was once Las Vegas.

Stars: Christopher Egan (Kings), Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy, Merlin), Tom Wisdom (300, The Boat That Rocked/Pirate Radio), Roxanne McKee (Game of Thrones), Alan Dale (Lost), Luke Allen-Gale (The Borgias).

General discussion thread and Fanworks thread

Episodes Aired:

1x01 - Pilot
1x02 - Godspeed
1x03 - Broken Places
1x04 - The Flood
1x05 - Something Borrowed
1x06 - Black Eyes Blue
Upcoming episodes:

1x07 - Ouroburos

→ A new comment will be posted for each new episode.

Dominion @ Syfy
The Musketeers, a 10-part series which the AV Club called "a cheeky, swashbuckling good time," is broadcast on BBC America Sundays at 9pm  EST.


Episode 1: Friends and Enemies
Episode 2: Sleight of Hand
Episode 3: Commodities
Episode 4: The Good Soldier
Episode 5: The Homecoming
Episode 6: The Exiles
Episode 7: A Rebellious Wioman
Episode 8: The Challenge
Episode 9: Knight Takes Queen
Episode 10:


Official BBC site

Well hello there! You've reached the


Welcome back, or welcome newbie, make yourselves comfortable. If you're not sure why you're here because you don't watch the show, go get started immediately. If you're not sure you should, go look at this primer and then get started immediately. Because season three is where we're at right now! A smashing nineteen episodes! YAY YAY YAY! Go forth and flail!

(PSA: I can't actually watch the episodes until Tuesday morning (GMT) but I'll definitely be around after.)

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got iron throne

What is Game of Thrones?
Game of Thrones is a HBO television series inspired by the novels in "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R R Martin. The series follows the iron throne, and those who dare to chase its lofty perch. Many different houses persue the throne, or those who have wronged them in pursuit of the throne. Game of Thrones is a bloody and highly sexual race for power, based off the English War of Roses. 

The Houses of Game of Thrones.
There are many houses in the world of Game of Thrones, but the main seven of Westeros are as follows.
House Baratheon, House Bolton, House Targaryen (exiled), House Stark, House Tyrell, House Martell, House Arryn, House Lannister. 
"Survival isn't who you are. It's who you become."

A century after Earth was made uninhabitable by a nuclear war, the survivors - descendants of the crews of several space stations orbiting at the time - send down a hundred teenagers to the surface in a desperate bid to find out whether it is habitable again. The teenagers, each convicted of (largely petty) crimes and thus "expendable", are now alone on a (supposedly) uninhabited planet while, on the Ark, the adults try and find a way to eke out their dwindling resources. Each group is split by opposing agendas and interpersonal conflicts, fighting to survive not just their environments as well as each other.

Previous Episodes
1x01 Pilot
1x02 Earth Skills
1x03 Earth Kills
1x04 Murphy's Law
1x05 Twilight's Last Gleaming
1x06 His Sister's Keeper
1x07 Contents Under Pressure.
1x08 Day Trip
1x09 Unity Day
1x10 I Am Become Death
1x11 The Calm
1x12 We Are Grounders, Pt 1.

Current Episode
1x13 We Are Grounders, Pt 2.

Future Episodes
Season 2, to come.

I am in the UK so the comment post will (usually) go up the next day. Please be patient.

News just in: "The 100" has been renewed for season 2
Jump to Episodes:
2x01 — Nature Under Constraint and Vexed
2x02 — Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion
2x03 — Mingling Its Own Nature With It
2x04 — Governed As It Were By Chance
2x05 — Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
2x06 — To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings
2x07 — Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things
2x08 — Variable and Full of Perturbation
2x09 — Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done
2x10 — By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried (Season 2 FINALE)

A discussion thread for Season 1 is here.

For the BBC America schedule of this critically-acclaimed fan favorite (which made almost every TV critic's "Best of 2013" list), click here.  (To see if BBC America is available from your cable provider, click here.)

BBC America has a "video recap" of Season 1 here (although it's more to refresh the memory of those who watched last year).

Finally, for an awesome discussion of just one of the reasons Orphan Black is so amazing (one of many), I refer you to this fantastic article (which was the catalyst for my own initial viewing of the show):  Orphan Black flips the sci-fi script by putting female agency first

This is the homebase for Orphan Black

From left to right: Dr Leekie, Paul, Kira (seated), Rachel, Delphine, Cosima, Cal, Sarah, Felix, Alison, Donnie, Mrs. S, Art (crouching), Henrik
Orphan Black, a Canadian speculative fiction series,
airs in Canada on Space, in the US on BBC America, and in Australia on SBS2
Orphan Black has been renewed for a third season!

Factoid 1: While Season One's episode titles were taken from chapters of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, Season Two's titles come from the works of Francis Bacon.
Factoid 2: Season 2 premieres on 19 April, 132 years to the day that Charles Darwin died. Intriguing coincidence ...)

Official Site


Orphan Black Primer


Sarah Manning, a young woman with a less-than-ideal life, witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. Impulsively stealing the dead woman's purse, she decides to take over her identity, only to find that she and her doppelganger are clones -- and they're not the only ones. As Sarah begins to meet up with the other clones, she discovers that there are powerful forces intent on controlling, destroying, or exploiting them.

Why Watch?

As you might guess from the cast photo, factoids, and premise, this is a smart, sexy show, driven in equal parts by plot and characterization.

 "Oh, but, clones? Really? All played by the same actress? Too gimmicky!"

Most of us have had the experience of watching a movie or TV series where the special effects are so front-and-center that they keep taking you out of the story as you're watching, thinking "Wow, cool idea!" or "Wow, cool effect!"  ... While there's nothing wrong with  such meta-commentary, it's an exhilarating experience when the inverse happens, when the story and characters sweep you up so completely that you barely notice the SFX supporting them.

Orphan Black is that type is experience for many of its fans. While most go into it knowing it's a sci-fi thriller about clones, its "gimmick" being that they're all played by a single actress (Tatiana Maslany), by the time you see scenes that require two, three, or more of those characters on screen and interacting at the same time, it's likely that your brain has giddily suspended disbelief and will see, not a genuine marvel of acting and camera work, but distinct characters. (You'll frequently see fans saying, "I keep forgetting she plays all of them!")

Don't just take my word for it - Google Orphan Black, and you'll see dozens of "why you should be watching" type articles.


Actually, I don't think I can improve much on BBCA's character page, so why don't I just link it?
Norman and Norma Bates sitting on a motel bed with neon "Bates Motel" sign above them

Welcome to the homebase for the A&E series, Bates Motel. Each week you'll find a thread for the newest episode, so we can discuss its twists and horrors together.

First, a primer.

A boy's best friend is his mother. )

You can stream Season 1 episodes on Netflix, Amazon, and at the A&E site.

The second season begins Monday, March 3rd! Episodes air at 9/8c 10/9c.
So sorry about not getting this up earlier, life just kind of got away from me this week/weekend.

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This is the homebase for the TV Show The Walking Dead to enable us to discuss each week's episode as it airs.

First a brief primer:

Dont' Open this Door. The Dead are Inside! )

Previous Discussion:

Episode 4x09 "After.

4x10 "Inmates"
4x11 "Claimed"
4x12 "Still"

4x13 "Alone"

4x14 "The Grove"

4x15 "Us"

Current Discussion:

4x16 "A"

Upcoming Episodes:

Season 5 in Fall 2014/Winter 2015.

Currently airing Sundays on AMC.


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