Hi there! Since it's apparently okay to just post about whatever has to do with TV here, I'd like to know your opinions on dénouement episodes.

While I like loose ends getting tied up, I'm not a fan of making it a whole episode long. Or at least there should be warnings for such eps. I'm still not over the Orphan Black finale turing out to be one of those. I was ready for all hell to break loose in the last ep, but then nothing much happened and I realized that the climax had already happened. I wish I had known beforehand!

(How should I tag this?)

Let's talk binge watching! Personally binge watching is one of my all time favorite rainy day activities, it ranks right up there with getting-my-nose-stuck-in-a-book and playing Cards Against Humanity in my pajamas with a pack of friends, wine and pizza (am I over-sharing?).

Anyway, [personal profile] yourlibrarian recently linked this article (thanks for the suggestion!) Skip It: Why It’s O.K. to Start a TV Show in the Middle. What are your thoughts? Are you a purist and watch the entire show, in order? Or do you skip ahead to the good parts? Is the answer different if it's something you've watched before?

- Do you binge watch? If not, why not?
- What makes a show binge-watchable to you?
- How many of the 40 best shows to binge watch July 2017 have you seen? How many of these Best TV Shows of 2017 (so far) have you seen (or heard of)?
- Recruit and Recommend!! What are your top 3 binge-worthy shows?

Crime dramas and police procedurals are a perfect fit for a serialized format like TV. There are always crimes being committed, so you know you can have another episode. \o/ ...and they lend themselves to spinoffs quite often. We have the NCIS family, the Law & Order family, etc.

- What is your favorite currently airing crime show?
- Favorite canceled show?
- What do you think would be the most binge-watchable?
- Who are some of your favorite crime-fighting teams or buddy-cop partners?
- Share a intense scene or favorite quote or gif

(of course pick and choose which questions you answer or some other facet of crime and police procedurals, recs, etc.)


Jun. 18th, 2017 03:06 pm

Do you smile when someone mentions The Big Bang Theory? Do you have fond memories of Friends? Can you quote Seinfeld? Do you think Barney Stinson has style? Do you have a slight crush on Leslie Knope?

Basically, is comedy TV your jam?
If so, tell us about your favorites!

- What is your favorite currently airing comedy?
- Favorite canceled comedy?
- What do you think would be the most binge-watchable comedy?
- What do you like best about comedies?
- Share a funny scene or favorite quote or gif

(of course pick and choose which questions you answer)

Hello! I don't know if it was because DW/LJ was slowing down or if it was the changing television habits, but somehow we drifted away from talking about TV shows in this space.

I'm still here. I still like TV. And I'd still like to talk about shows I'm watching. Based on the increased activity I'm seeing on DW, I don't think I'm alone. (or maybe I am - LOL)
Anyway, I think we should resuscitate this community and start talking. What do you think?

Would anyone out there be willing to help me out with three things? (feel free to browse older entries for ideas)

1) If you where building DW television discussion community, what elements would you include?
2) What sort of posts/activities would inspire you to participate?
3) Do you have any suggestions or ideas for structure or format?

FYI - I want this community to be open forum - meaning just because we develop some structure or have scheduled posts, people are always welcome to come post about any TV show at any time.

And... just so this post isn't all boring business, we should maybe socialize as well, and get this thing started out right. :D

What TV have you been watching?
What genre(s) of TV do you like best?
Link something cool you've seen on tumblr/dw/lj lately!

Stuff that aired recently;

Comment to this post with;

If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to include in the posts, and if you want me to make threads let me know. I'm about to

HI ALL. Sorry for the lack of posts around here, we're working on it and i'm taking on a co-mod, so please welcome [personal profile] laisserais! Meanwhile, lets discuss holidays!

I know its almost Christmas and New Year, but do consider halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and any other holiday part of this too if you like!!!

a texty! feel free to delete/add questions as you wish.


Aug. 1st, 2013 11:14 am
I want to apologise for not having many generic show posts lately, i've been super busy. please feel free to post a post if you're up for discussion, or talk to me if you're interested in co-modding!

What are some of your favourite "type" of characters?
What themes turn you off a show?
What is one show that surprised you?
Do you think an older show would be better or worse if it was remade this year?
What have you been watching this week?
A gif or something

in a texty :

Feel free to alter/edit the questions or skip some!


Jun. 21st, 2013 03:24 pm


- Pick a show or theme and tell us why we should watch it!
- Rec icons, vids, fic, etc.


- Ask for Show recs based on what you DO like
- Ask for icons, vids, fic, etc

Have fun! and go nuts. (if you're not sure its allowed based on my guidelines above, just go for it!


Jun. 13th, 2013 10:08 am
Before i post, i just wanted to note that ANYONE can post a general post on a topic, either let me know in the sign up post so i can be sure to make the post go through, or just post it and i'll moderate it as fast as i can!

Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations. On the whole, tropes are not clichés.

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage is a pretty great website for helping out with tropes.

Here are some discussion points
- What are some of your favourite tropes?
- Do you always pick up on tropes, even if you're not sure what they are?
- Do you find tropes annoying or fun?
- What are some of your favourite characters who fall under more than one trope?
- Anything else you want to talk about!

As always, feel free to talk about WHATEVER you like within this post!

scifi post

May. 29th, 2013 08:39 am

It seems that there is a higher rate of sci-fi shows airing over the Summer (winter for southern hemisphere folk), and more often than not they are only 13 episodes long.

At the moment we have Defiance, Oprhan Black, Warehouse 13, Continuum.... with more starting up soon. (Haven!) Scifi also tends to go hand in hand with the shorter fantasy seasons too (Game of thrones! Teen Wolf!)

(please not their MIGHT be spoilers for the latest episodes in the comment)

of course pick and choose which questions you answer!


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