Witches of East End Returned with Season Two on Sunday July 6, 2014

The second season of Lifetime's thrilling series Witches of East End (#WitchesofEastEnd) returns this summer, beginning Sunday, July 6, at 9 pm ET/PT with an ensemble cast headlined by Emmy Award-winner Julia Ormond ("Temple Grandin," "Mad Men"), Jenna Dewan Tatum ("American Horror Story"), Rachel Boston ("In Plain Sight"), Madchen Amick ("Mad Men," "Damages"), Eric Winter ("The Mentalist") and Daniel DiTomasso ("CSI"). Christian Cooke ("Magic City") joins the cast as a new series regular this season.

Based on Melissa de la Cruz's New York Times best-selling novel, the series centers on the Beauchamp family, where in season one sisters Freya (Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Boston) discovered they are witches with ancient magical powers. With the help of their mother Joanna (Ormond) and aunt Wendy (Amick), they learned how to cultivate their craft and work together to defeat unearthly enemies seeking revenge on their family, while keeping their abilities a secret from the town.

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* Season 1 is only 10 episodes long and is available on Netflix Streaming and on DVD etc. (so it shouldn't be too hard to catch up)

→ This show does not have a HOMEBASE but if there is interest [personal profile] silverr has volunteered to make one and captain it :)


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