Veronica Mars originally aired in 2004-2007.
It was created by Rob Thomas
It ran for three seasons before being canceled.
There are 64 epiosdes
There's also a Veronica Mars Movie being released March 14, 2014
We'll be watching four episodes a week for 16 weeks
February 1 - May 17 2014
Come in and comment on an existing episode thread anytime.


General Discussion Thread: Talk about your general experience with Veronica Mars.
Fanworks Link Thread: Link to your own Veronica Mars fanworks past and present.
Discussion Threads for episodes: 1x01: Pilot, 1x02: Credit Where Credit is Due, 1x03: Meet John Smith, and 1x04: The Wrath of Con
Discussion Threads for episodes: 1x05: You Think You Know Somebody, 1x06: Return of the Kane, 1x07: The Girl Next Door, and 1x08: Like a Virgin
Discussion Threads for episodes: 1x09: Drinking the Kool-Aid, 1x10: An Echolls Family Christmas, 1x11: Silence of the Lamb and 1x12: Clash of the Tritons
Discussion Threads for episodes: 1x13: Lord of the Bling, 1x14: Mars vs. Mars, 1x15: Ruskie Business, and 1x16: Betty and Veronica.
Discussion Threads for episodes: 1x17: Kanes and Abel's, 1x18: Weapons of Class Destruction, 1x19: Hot Dogs and 1x20: M.A.D.
Discussion Threads for episodes: 1x21: A Trip to the Dentist and 1x22: Leave it to Beaver

Discussion Threads for episodes: 2x01: Normal is the Watchword and 2x02: Diver Ed
Discussion Threads for episodes: 2x03: "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang", 2x04: "Green Eyed Monster", 2x05: "Blast from the Past" and 2x06: "Rat Saw God"
Discussion Threads for episodes: 2x07: "Nobody puts Baby in a Corner", 2x08: "Ahoy, Mateys!", 2x09: "My Mother, the Fiend" and 2x10: "One Angry Veronica"
Discussion Threads for episodes: 2x11: "Donut Run", 2x12: "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle", "2x13: Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough" and 2x14: "Versatile Toppings"
Discussion Threads for episodes: 2x15: "The Quick and the Wed", 2x16: "The Rapes of Graff", 2x17: "Plan B", and 2x18: "I Am God"
2x19: "Nevermind the Buttocks", 2x20: "Look Who's Stalking", 2x21: "Happy Go Lucky" and 2x22: "Not Pictured"

Discussion Threads for episodes:
3x01: "Welcome Wagon", 3x02: "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week", 3x03: "Wichita Linebacker, 3x04: "Charlie Don't Surf"
3x05 "President Evil", 3x06 "Hi, Infidelity", 3x07 "Of Vice and Men" , 3x08 "Lord of the Pi's", 3x09 "Spit & Eggs"
3x10 "Show Me the Monkey" , 3x11 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves", 3x12 "There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill"
3x13 "Postgame Mortem", 3x14 "Mars, Bars", 3x15 "Papa's Cabin", 3x16 "Un-American Graffiti", 3x17 "Debasement Tapes"
3x18 "I know What You'll Do Next Summer" , 3x19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down", 3x20 "The Bitch is Back"

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*Comment on existing threads only please.
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*Warn for spoilers in your subject lines please.
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Spoiler Policy: Some people may be watching for the first time. If you want to talk about something that happens in an episode that comes after that thread's episode please warn for spoilers in your comment's subject line.

ie: Say that you're commenting to episode #2's thread and you want to talk about how an event in episode #2 foreshadows something that happens in episode #4, then please warn for spoilers.

If you would rather err on the side of caution and write up a spoilery comment in your own journal and link back to it in the episode's thread you can do that too. (please warn that what you're linking to contains spoilers.)

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