One of the mods invited me to come post this, so here I am. :)

Does anyone remember the early-2000s Sci Fi Channel show Invisible Man, with Vincent Vintresca and Paul Ben-Victor? I'm holding a rewatch/discussion at my journal, at the rate of one or two episodes a week. Here is the first post for the pilot. We're up to 1x04 so far.

If you haven't seen the show, I have been describing it to people thusly: Adorable characters, ridiculous plots, very slashable main pairing plus a wonderful female character that make a lovely OT3 together, and scads of canon h/c. The entire series is streaming for free on Hulu and many of the full episodes are also on Youtube. The rewatch is entirely new-viewer-friendly, since several of the participating people are flistees of mine who are watching it for the first time, and all spoilers for future episodes in comments are rot13'd or span-texted out. (If you participate in discussions, please be sure to do this so new people don't get spoiled for future developments!)

I waited a bit on advertising this since I'm not always the best at sticking with a new project (mayfly attention span, that's me), but it seems to be going well so far, and anyone who wants to join or lurk on the discussions is welcome to drop by. Feel free to comment on older posts or just join us in the middle!

Rewatch tag at my DW. (I crosspost to LJ, so there is also discussion happening over there.)

(And many thanks to [personal profile] ninetydegrees for the permission!)


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